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Environmental Benefits of Porous Pavement

  • Reduces the amount of impervious surface from development.
  • Reduces the volume of storm water runoff, as well as the peak rate of flow.
  • Reduces the discharge of pollutants and improves water quality.
  • Facilitates groundwater recharge to maintain groundwater and base flow levels in nearby streams.
  • Reduces drainage problems associated with stream channelization and sinkholes.

Economic Benefits of Porous Pavement

  • Reduces the land area consumed by conventional detention facilities.
  • Reduces the need for curbs, gutters, inlets, and storm sewers and other costly infrastructure.

Aesthetic Benefits of Porous Pavement

  • Eliminates the need for unsightly detention basins, rip-rap channels, etc.
  • Preserves areas such as woods or open space that would have been destroyed for detention basins.
  • Eliminates puddling and flooding on parking lots.

Courtesy of Cahill Associates